Carleton Alumni give Career Speeches to students at January 2015 Event

Economics Careers Evening 2014-15

An animated and enthusiastic crowd of economics students attended the fourth annual Economics Careers Evening, the fourth major joint event being arranged this academic year by the Carleton Undergraduate Economics Society (CUES) and the Carleton Graduate Economics Society (CGES), held in the Tory Building on Thursday, January 29.

Four recent Carleton economics graduates, William Manning-Dewar (MA/14; Competition Bureau), Stephen van der Werf (MA/14; Justice Canada), Irena Dodik (BA/04; Procter and Gamble), and Faisal Farah (BA/12; Export Development Canada) gave excellent, entertaining, and informative presentations on their experiences in the job market, focusing on who they are, how they got into the study of economics, how they got their current jobs, what they actually do in the workplace, and a wealth of carefully considered advice for soon-to-be-graduating students.

Many thanks go to the four presenters for their time and energy and for sharing their great insights into the job-market process.